Looking Ahead

January 7, 2007

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here but now that I have stuff to complain about I return.

I’ve only been back in school for three days and I’m already back into the state of borderline insanity. Now they want me to work more hours at my job, (The upside of not being a lazy sack of crap) so I’ve gone to having all the free time in the world to never having a minute to myself, joy.


I needed my finger

December 8, 2006

Not much to say in this post but I think I could have possibly broke my right index finger. I smashed it in between my bed frame this morning and it hurt then but stopped soon after. But now hours upon hours later it hurts like hell and I can’t straighten it. Let’s hope it’s not broken. (I’d cross my fingers if I could)

The State of Suck

December 7, 2006

I’ve been out of school for like two or three weeks now and I haven’t accomplished a thing.  Honestly I have no idea what I should be accomplishing but there has to be something better than sitting around the house and occasionally going to work. To make matters worse SBMC (Showboat Memorial Choir) has been cancelled until January. The SBMC was the freaking highlight of my week and the one thing keeping me from completly going insane.  Crap.

Anyway, I’m directing a church Christmas play so maybe once that starts up I’ll feel more productive. Until then I’ll be sitting here feeling sorry for myself (I’m becoming a pro at that)

Post Robbery Blues

December 1, 2006

So we got robbed a couple weeks ago right (you know this if you know me) and this is the second time. So just like last time I’m really paranoid that tehy’ll hit us again. Last year was around Christmas time and my sister and I didn’t even want to leave the presents in the because we thought they would get stolen (the PS2 I got last year did get stolen, it just took them a year). So we finally get over and then we get robbed again (crap) and now I’m back in that same mindset. I’m locking my bedroom door before I leave, leaving lights on, leaving the TV on. I call it the poor mans security system. Stupid theives.

Let’s Do This Thing

November 21, 2006

Well here I am with a blog. I completely belong to the internet now. First I started with entering message boards and said at least I don’t instant message (smokingtoothpick on AIM). The when I started doing that I said at least I don’t have a myspace (myspace.com/invaderangelus). After I got a myspace I said at least I don’t have a blog (I think you can figure this plug out). I guess I have to move on to hardcore porn so I can completely be the internet’s *****. (Yeah, I don’t know if I can curse. I didn’t read the rules I just agreed to them.)

Anyway there’s a point to me doing this and that point is to fight off insanity for a month or two. See, for the last few months I’ve had a play or something to work toward and now I have nothing and I don’t know what to do with myself. So I figured since I don’t really have anyone to talk to about this showless depression (poor me) that I’d post a blog and pretend somebody was reading it.

Before I quit I guess I’ll explain the “evil elf” thing. It’s simple, my full name is Eric Logan Farley, so my initials spell elf. Lately I’ve discovered that I’m evil (or so I’m told) so put two and two together and you’ve got four or evil elf in this case. Math sucks